Compound Cosmetics

Beauty and treatment combined

Makeup is getting a makeover, thanks to the science of cosmetic compounding. Compound pharmacies can combine cosmetic products with a wide range of skin treatments, leading their way out of one-size-fits-all products. Basic cosmetics get a boost when formulated with ingredients that help fight acne, wrinkles, sun damage, dry skin and so much more, thereby enhancing their usage along with providing healing properties. Compound makeup enables you to revolutionize your skincare routine attending to your needs in a unique manner.

Talk to your prescriber about the dermatology compounding options that can help you achieve the beauty and healthy skin results you are looking for. The pharmacists at Vios are ready to help formulate the right products to suit your needs and simplify your beauty routine with the help of compounded medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Makeup Compound?

A makeup compound can be defined as a mixture of chemical compounds which are either derived naturally or artificially and used for skincare treatment and enhance your beauty. Customized compounding cosmetics are hugely popular among women as their tailor-made for their skin.

What Is Compounding in Cosmetics?

Compounding in cosmetics means creating custom based cosmetics compound which have multiple ingredients, and which is molded to be effective for your skin. It enables you to look more beautiful and more effective to fight against acne, wrinkles, dry skin, etc. compared to conventional cosmetics available in the market. The compounding pharmacist at Vios specializes in creating cosmetic compound makeup tailored to you. You can also order a refill online with ease and get it delivered in time.

Are Cosmetics Compounded More Expensive?

The cost of compounded cosmetics completely depends on the type of ingredients which is used to make that customized cosmetic compound. The doctors will prescribe the ingredients to be used based on your requirement, your skin needs, health, age, and sex which will have high efficacy.

Are Cosmetics Compounding Better Than Commercial Cosmetics?

Yes, cosmetics compounding is better than commercial cosmetics as they are made after consultation with your dermatologist which significantly reduces the risk and makes it more effective. Commercial cosmetics are made as an all-in-one solution for everyone which may not be suitable for some people and can give allergic reactions like skin redness, itching, etc.

Is It Safe to Use Cosmetics Compounding?

Yes, it is completely safe as they are made using various ingredients which specifically meet your skin and body health, unlike conventional cosmetics.

Does Cosmetic Compounding Effective Acne & Wrinkles?

Yes, it is highly effective against acne & wrinkles. The compounding pharmacist at Vios provides highly effective customized medication to fight against acne & wrinkles.

Are There Any Side Effects of Compound Cosmetics?

Side effects are minimal compared to commercially available cosmetics as compounding cosmetics are tailor-made for your skin care.

What Age Criteria for Men to Using Compound Cosmetics?

There is no particular age group for using compounded cosmetics. People of all age groups can use compound cosmetics. However, it is recommended that you consult with your skin doctor before proceeding with compound cosmetics. At Vios, we will directly consult with your doctor and prepare a cosmetic compound that meets individual patient-specific needs.

Can Compound Cosmetics Used for Both Men and Women?

Yes, compound cosmetics can be used by both men and women.

Is Compound Cosmetics Therapy Safe for Older Women?

Yes, it is safer to be used by older women. It is primarily used by older women to reduce wrinkles or as an anti-aging compound, and to reduce skin dryness, etc.

Who Prescribes Compound Cosmetics?

We accept prescriptions by a licensed practitioner or a physician with prescriptive authority.