Dermatological Compound Medications

Maybe you started out trying an over-the-counter medication. And then you and your doctor hoped a standard formulation would do the trick. But if those options haven’t helped you see and feel enough improvement in your skin condition, now may be the time to explore compounding medication. Along with your doctor, our pharmacists can customize a medication that is designed to effectively treat your specific skin condition.

We can create compounding dermatological products with the precise dosage and combination of ingredients – including anesthetics, anti-fungals, sunscreen and more – that you need in order to get the best results. Your compound medication can also be created without ingredients that cause allergies. From creams to sprays, foams to lip balms, we make the best use of cosmetics compounding and ensure that your customized treatment is made in a form that is easy for you to use and apply.

Explore a more successful treatment plan for skin issues by inquiring with your doctor about dermatology compounding. At Vios, our pharmacists are ready to help customize a medication that provides maximum relief to your skin related concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Compound Ointment?

Compound ointments can be defined as customized medication prepared by the compounding pharmacist for each individual patient and his or her unique needs in form of ointments. The medication is prepared using different ingredients as prescribed by the patient's doctor which makes it more effective.

Is Compounding Medication Effective for The Treatment of Acne?

Yes, compounding medication is very effective against acne or pimples. Patients who have acne come from different age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and both males & females have different skin types & textures. Their acne condition has various degrees of severity & stages which need assessment of their acne and treatment need to be based on individual patient's unique needs. The compounding pharmacist at Vios makes customized dermatological compounding medication based on the patient's doctor's prescription which makes it highly effective against the treatment of acne. They can also order a refill of their medication online in a hassle-free manner.

Is Compounding Legal? Is It Safe?

Yes, compounding medication is completely legal and safe to use. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), compounding is legal & ethical so long as the compounding pharmacy is fully licensed and the compounding pharmacist who makes compounding medication is fully trained and licensed. At Vios, all the compounding pharmacists are fully licensed and trained by experts and are reassessed every 90 days.

Can My Child – Or My Elderly Parent – Take Compounded Medication for Skin Care?

Yes, the elderly and children can take compounding medication for skincare treatment. Skin care compounding medication is prepared after the assessment of individual patient's needs. It is highly effective and has no side effects.

How Long Does It Take to Refill My Prescription?

You can order a refill online at Vios. We offer timely and convenient shipping to our patients. You will receive the refill within days after we receive the refill order. We also notify or remind our patients when they are about to run out of their compounding medication and needs a refill.

Does Compounding Medication Causes Allergies?

No, compounding medication does not cause allergies as the compounding dosage is prepared without those ingredients in the medication which causes allergic reaction in an individual. People using commercial medications can get an allergic reaction as some ingredients in the medication may not be suitable for them.

Are There Any Side Effects of Compounding Medication on Our Skin?

No, there are no side effects as the compounding dosage is customized according to individual body needs and without the ingredients which cause an allergic reaction.

Till How Much Time I Should Take Compounding Medication?

There is no such time limit. If you are satisfied with the medication's effectiveness and if your doctor recommended the same, then you can continue the same as long as you want.

Are Compounded Drugs the Same as Generic Drugs?

No, compounding drugs are completely different than generic drugs as the ingredients in the compounding medication are prepared as per individual body needs and the patient's doctor's prescription which is not the case with generic drugs.

Can I Get Dermatological Compound Medications in The Form Of Cream Or Ointment?

Yes, you can get compounded medication in form of cream or ointment or any other form you want.