How Seniors Citizens Can Benefit from Compounded Medicines?

compounding medication for senior citizens

Senior citizens always find it difficult to consume tablets or pills. With increasing age, they tend to suffer from a large number of ailments which ultimately lead to consuming more tablets and pills. This is where compounding medication come in.

Let us look at the 4 ways by which seniors can benefit from compounded medicines:

Dysphagia is a situation of swallowing difficulty that is common among senior citizens. They find it extremely difficult to swallow pills, which means they can’t receive the treatment effectiveness they ought to have. With compounding, these difficult-to-swallow drugs can be converted into an easier-to-swallow model so that the health needs of your loved one can be addressed. Some senior citizens also encounter gastrointestinal problems with some oral medications, so compounding those drugs can be a viable option. With compounding, drugs can also be converted into creams, liquid, or gels for easy consumption.

2. Medicine Absorption Changes:

As a person ages, his/her capacity to absorb certain medications also changes due low metabolism rate. The benefit of the medication may not take place as soon as anticipated due to the low medicine absorption capacity caused by low metabolism. Compounding can make drug treatments effective by creating tablets that are absorbed faster.

3. Use of Multiple Medications:

An elderly can be prescribed many medicinal drugs to be consumed in a day. This makes them susceptible to allergic reactions from the ingredients in these medicines, or the adverse drug-to-drug interaction. In addition, taking more than one medication also can be very difficult for elderly people and there is a possibility that they might forget to take some pills. Compounding can help compound 2-4 pills into one pill and also prepare them in any other forms like liquid, injections, transdermal, etc. Pain management compounding medication is one such example in which pain-killing tablets are replaced by transdermal compounding medication.

4. Healthcare Staff. 

Some health care physician perform their own compounding for the senior citizens by breaking tablets into smaller portions so they can be easily swallowed by them. This may lead to incorrect dosages that can cause very harmful side effects on the patient’s body. It is always recommended to go for a licensed compounding pharmacist.