Leading with Expertise and Vision

Meet Our Leadership

The executive team at VIOS Compounding demonstrates visionary leadership with a strong focus on innovation, quality, and patient care. They bring extensive industry experience, ensuring excellence in pharmaceutical compounding and compliance with stringent standards. Their commitment to continuous improvement and strategic growth drives the company’s success in delivering personalized and high-quality medications.

Fayez Faraj


Fayez Faraj is an experienced pharmacist with 20 years in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. He specializes in Quality Assurance, Formulation, Pharmacy Compounding, Pharmaceutical Care, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Patient Counseling, and Pharmacy Automation. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Wayne State University, Fayez has also excelled in Group Purchasing Organizations, negotiating contracts, and financial projections. His comprehensive expertise and dedication make him a strong professional in healthcare services.

Sam Salem


Sammy Salem brings over 15 years of dynamic Operations experience, specializing in Pharmacy Business Development, P&L Management, Quality Assurance, Vendor Negotiations, Pharmacy Advocacy, Project Management, and Leadership within both Conventional and Compounding Pharmacy sectors. Instrumental in achieving pivotal national accreditation status for Vios Compounding Pharmacy through the Accreditation Commission on Healthcare (ACHC), Sammy played a key role in developing and implementing rigorous quality standards and SOPs. Leveraging expertise across these domains, Sammy facilitated Vios Compounding Pharmacy’s expansion to serve clients in all 50 states.

Hassan Abdallah

Chief Compliance Officer

Hassan Abdallah leads the Compliance division at MCRA, bringing over 10 years of experience in forging robust compliance frameworks tailored to the healthcare industry’s evolving regulatory demands. His team ensures adherence to standards like OIG Work Plans, FDA Compliance Actions, Anti-Kickback Statutes, M&A Compliance Due Diligence, and data privacy laws including HIPAA/GDPR. Hassan provides strategic advisory to C-Suite and Board members, fostering ethical practices that enhance operational excellence and build trust within the healthcare ecosystem.

Rosa McAllister


Rosa McAllister has 15 years of experience in accounting and taxes, specializing in bookkeeping, A/P and A/R processing, and financial statement preparation. She is a licensed certified public accountant in Michigan, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Her expertise spans multiple industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and construction.

Driving the Future of Pharmacy

At VIOS Compounding Pharmacy, our leadership team is dedicated to advancing the field of personalized medicine through innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to patient care. Each leader brings a wealth of experience, specialized knowledge, and a passion for excellence that drives our mission forward. Together, they spearhead initiatives that ensure the highest quality standards, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and cultivate a collaborative environment where every team member is empowered to excel. Meet the visionary individuals who are at the forefront of transforming the compounding pharmacy industry.

Customized Programs

At VIOS Compounding Pharmacy, our Customized Programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of each individual. Recognizing that no two patients are alike, we offer personalized medication plans that are specifically tailored to address unique health conditions and preferences. Our expert team works closely with patients and healthcare providers to develop customized formulations that enhance treatment efficacy and patient compliance, ensuring that every individual receives the most effective and personalized care possible.

Completed Care - Automatic Shipments

Complete Care takes the worry out of running out of your medications or remembering to contact us for refills. We’ll track your medications and check in with you periodically to make sure your medications are helping you meet your wellness goals. We can also coordinate care directly with your physician. We’ll manage your refill requests so you receive your orders every 30, 60 or 90 days — whichever you prefer.

Flex Care - We Confim Each Order With You

With Flex Care, it’s your choice how often we connect with you. Just tell us if you’d like to be in touch via call, text or email. We’ll contact you 5-10 days before your refill is due so there is time to make any changes as needed and coordinate your treatment with your physician. It’s a great way to get timely reminders to stay on top of your care.

My Care - Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

My Care lets you manage your treatments independently. Simply tell us what you need, whenever you need it. You will keep track of your own refill timing and coordinate care with your physician. We’ll await your call and be at your service whenever you are ready.