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We’re here to help medical provider partners better support your patients and deliver the best possible care. We provide high-quality compounded medications and custom prescriptions tailored to their unique needs. If we do not currently offer a solution your patient requires, you can request a compounding formulation.

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Why Choose VIOS?

Personalized Care Solutions

At VIOS Compounding Pharmacy, we understand that every patient has unique needs, and we are dedicated to providing a personalized touch in all our services. Our team of experienced pharmacists works closely with medical providers to create customized medications tailored to each patient’s specific requirements. Whether it's adjusting dosages, creating allergy-friendly formulations, or compounding medications that are not commercially available, we take pride in delivering personalized solutions that enhance patient care. Our commitment to individualized service ensures that both providers and patients receive the highest level of attention and care.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

We recognize the importance of timely medication delivery in ensuring patient health and satisfaction. VIOS Compounding Pharmacy offers fast shipping options to guarantee that your patients receive their medications promptly. Our efficient processing and shipping systems are designed to minimize wait times, allowing you to provide seamless and uninterrupted care to your patients. By choosing us, you can trust that your compounded medications will be delivered quickly and reliably, ensuring that treatment plans can proceed without unnecessary delays.

Exceptional Support Team

At VIOS Compounding Pharmacy, our support team is second to none. We believe that excellent customer service is integral to the success of your practice and the wellbeing of your patients. Our knowledgeable and friendly support staff are always available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Whether you need help with ordering, consultations on medication formulations, or troubleshooting any issues, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support. We are committed to being a reliable partner in your healthcare journey, ensuring that you and your patients receive the best possible care.

Effortless and Convenient Service

We strive to make the process of working with us as simple and easy as possible. From our intuitive online ordering system to our straightforward communication channels, we have designed every aspect of our service to be user-friendly and efficient. Our goal is to minimize the administrative burden on your practice, allowing you to focus more on patient care. With VIOS Compounding Pharmacy, you can expect a hassle-free experience, from the moment you place an order to the moment your patients receive their medications. We are dedicated to making compounded medication accessible and convenient for both providers and patients.

Customized Programs

At VIOS Compounding Pharmacy, our Customized Programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of each individual. Recognizing that no two patients are alike, we offer personalized medication plans that are specifically tailored to address unique health conditions and preferences. Our expert team works closely with patients and healthcare providers to develop customized formulations that enhance treatment efficacy and patient compliance, ensuring that every individual receives the most effective and personalized care possible.

Completed Care - Automatic Shipments

Complete Care takes the worry out of running out of your medications or remembering to contact us for refills. We’ll track your medications and check in with you periodically to make sure your medications are helping you meet your wellness goals. We can also coordinate care directly with your physician. We’ll manage your refill requests so you receive your orders every 30, 60 or 90 days — whichever you prefer.

Flex Care - We Confim Each Order With You

With Flex Care, it’s your choice how often we connect with you. Just tell us if you’d like to be in touch via call, text or email. We’ll contact you 5-10 days before your refill is due so there is time to make any changes as needed and coordinate your treatment with your physician. It’s a great way to get timely reminders to stay on top of your care.

My Care - Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

My Care lets you manage your treatments independently. Simply tell us what you need, whenever you need it. You will keep track of your own refill timing and coordinate care with your physician. We’ll await your call and be at your service whenever you are ready.

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