Hormone Therapy for Men

No two men are alike.

Hormonal changes occur in every man as he ages. Although testosterone is a hormone found in both women and men, it is primarily associated with men’s health – and it impacts their health in more ways than just sex drive.

Fat storage, bone and muscle mass, mood swings and red blood cell production are all affected by a man’s testosterone level. As early as age 30, male testosterone levels can begin to decline. So using a compound medication, i.e. bioidentical hormones for men that have been customized to improve your testosterone level can help you retrieve a feeling of wellness that you’re accustomed to – or even one that you hadn’t achieved before. A testosterone treatment in the form of bioidentical hormones made specifically for your needs can help you:

Take the first step towards realizing your wellness goals with the help of bioidentical hormones by talking to your doctor about the common symptoms of imbalanced testosterone levels. The compounding pharmacists at Vios are here to answer any questions that you or your doctor may have about finding the right medication mix that delivers the best results for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Testosterone Hormone Therapy for Men?

Testosterone hormone therapy is mainly used to treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men. Testosterone hormone therapy helps to improve libido, increase bone density, muscle strength, and mass, sperm production, etc. At Vios, a bioidentical testosterone hormone therapy with customized compounding medication is used after consultation with your physician to improve your testosterone level.

What Does Hormone Therapy Do for Men?

Testosterone's hormonal level decreases after the age of 30 to 40 years leading to sexual dysfunction in men. Bioidentical hormone therapy helps men maintain the testosterone hormonal level which enhances the sexual performance of men, achieves higher energy levels & improves muscle strength and bone density.

How Effective Is Hormone Therapy for Men with Prostate Cancer?

Hormone therapy is highly effective against normal & advanced prostate cancer. Hormone therapy is known to shrink the tumor in 85% to 90% of cases. However, it won't work forever as some cancer cells do need hormones to grow. It is recommended to go for bioidentical hormone therapy as it is more effective and has fewer side effects.

What Causes Men to Go for Hormone Therapy?

Low testosterone level leading to low sexual drive is the primary reason for which men go for hormone therapy. Other reasons include improving muscle strength, bone density, etc.

What Age Criteria for Men to Start Bioidentical Hormones?

The hormonal level usually decreases in men after the age of 30, especially men in their 40s and 50s. One should start bioidentical hormone therapy if they have low testosterone level and start bioidentical hormone therapy after consultation with their doctor who would assess your body and recommend appropriate dosage for your hormones therapy

Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe for Men?

The compounding pharmacist at Vios after consultation with your physician will provide customized medication with appropriate dosage which suits your body and have high efficacy.

Does Hormone Therapy for Men Work?

Yes, it works, and it helps in maintaining the hormone level in men which increases their sex drive, hair growth, muscle gain, etc. It also helps men suffering from prostate cancer as it known to shrink the tumor.

Can Bioidentical Hormones Help Men Lose Weight?

Yes, bioidentical hormones help with weight loss. At Vios, the compounding pharmacist directly consult with your physician and provide a customized solution for your bioidentical hormone therapy which will help you deal with hormonal imbalance that may have led to weight gain.

What Kind of Doctor Prescribes Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men?

It usually recommended by an endocrinologist. An endocrinologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions of hormones or hormone-related conditions.

Does Insurance Cover Hormonal Therapy for Men?

We will work with your insurance provider to coordinate coverage, ensuring that you will always receive the highest medication coverage and the best price options available based on your personalized plan.

How Much Does Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Cost for Men?

Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to maintain highest quality at competitive price for our customers. Feel free to contact us via phone or email to get the best pricing.