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What is Compounding? Why Would I Need Compound Drugs?

What is Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacy prepares medications in a specialized way unique to the individual needs in consultation with a doctor or physician. Vios compounding pharmacy is one of the most trusted and excellent compounding pharmacies that deliver a customized and unique way of medication to the individual’s needs. 

What is the Need for Compound Drugs?

1. Allergies:

Many tablets/pills contain inactive ingredients that may lead to allergies. Compounding medication can help individuals to avoid the risk of an allergic reaction. Compounding pharmacies make customized medication as per the individual patient’s body needs.

2. Prescription for a Child:

Most of the medication is formulated for adults, and those doses are not usually appropriate for children. Young children usually require liquid type because they are unable to swallow tablets/pills. Compounding pharmacies can make customized dosages form like liquid, gel, etc., and also add flavor for easy consumption by children.

3. Cocktail of Pills is Potentially Hazardous:

Medication for inflammation, pain, ache management often includes up to 6 active ingredients. If an affected person were to take all of these as oral medications, there could be severe central nervous system depression. Pain management compounding medications are customized and all these 6 active ingredients can be combined and made in form of cream.

4. Medication is Not Commercially Available:

In some cases, a  person might want a medication for which the manufacturing is stopped by the pharmaceutical company, and therefore it is not readily available. A compounding pharmacy can make these types of medication for the individual concerned.

5. Medication is Off-Label:

Sometimes, a pharmacist may need a compound medication for off-label use. This means it may not be FDA approved but would be prescribed to treat the special condition of the patient. Doctors and physicians can prescribe such medication, but the dosage might need to be adjusted by compounding.

It is important to make sure that the pharmacy you choose meets certain standards. This can be challenging, compounding pharmacies are not currently required to attain a national certification to dispense compounded drugs. If any queries related to this please contact us we are always here to assist you.

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