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What Is a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy? Various Forms & Benefits of Veterinary Compounding Medication

Pet owners know what an unconditional love truly means. Pets give you more than just company, they help reduce anxiety, stress and even fill your heart without trying.

However, it can be quite a challenging experience when your pets need medications – the correct dosage, form and even flavors are difficult to come by. Here’s where a veterinary compounding pharmacy can help.

A compounding pharmacy creates drugs customized for patient’s needs. Similarly, veterinary compounding pharmacy attends to the medical needs of your pets or animal patients.

A veterinary compounding pharmacy can help by altering your pet medicine so that it is easier to administer, including making it taste better. By seeking help from a pet health pharmacy, an owner can easily administer medicine to a stubborn or unhappy pet.

So, when your pet requires a specific drug unique to its condition, your veterinary will prescribe a special compounded medication. This is of course after studying your pet’s condition and understanding the form in which your pet can take the compounding medication without much hassle.

What are the Various Forms of Compounded Medication for Pets?

Your veterinary might suggest you to use compounded medication when the existing options are not in line with your pet’s condition. 

Here are some of the most common forms of compounded medication used in veterinary medicines:

1. Oral Capsules:

These capsules are formed to mix various ingredients together. These can be also made in a new form in place of medication that is discontinued in the market otherwise. A few pets are comfortable with swallowing oral capsules so they can be prescribed such medication.

2. Transdermal Medication:

This is a way to deliver medication to the pets in a non-invasive manner. Transdermal medication holds the active ingredient of the required medication in a cream or gel form which is a topical treatment. In such case, the medicine can be applied on the hairless area of the pet where the active ingredient can be easily absorbed. This comes in use for pets that are fussy about consuming any kind of pill.

3. Flavoured Suspension:

Pets are smart enough to understand where their medication is being stored and the moment, they learn about it, they choose to run away. These tablets are made interesting in flavors that are your pet’s favorite, for example: banana, beef, chicken, Tuna, etc. These are also easily consumable since the flavor is familiar to their taste buds.  Moreover, these become like treats for your pet that they can willingly take.

4. Compounded Tablets and Chews:

These tablets can also be compounded in different flavors. In certain cases when the pets are too ill, there are certain easily dissolvable tablets that can be given. Soft chews are also easier to monitor over other pills as they serve more like treats.

What are the Benefits of Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy?

1. Easy to Administer:

The experience of pet owners giving medication to their pets can be a challenging one. Many times, it is difficult to be able to give a single dose to them especially when their health demands it. The role of a veterinary compounding pharmacy is to be able to prepare a medication in the right dosage as well as flavor that is suitable to your pet’s medical needs.

2. Medicine Availability:

In a lot of cases, one might not be able to procure medication for their pet that is available at a regular vet. For example, the medication might work for a large dog but not a small cat. A veterinary compounding pharmacy has authorization to use medication that might not be available to other pharmacies.

3. Lesser Dosage:

A veterinary compounding pharmacy is skilled at combining medications in such a way that it leads to lesser amount of dosage which could be in the form of lesser pills or drops that one can provide to their pet.

A veterinary compounding pharmacy serves as one of the best ways to treat your furry family member with the best of medical treatment in the most comforting form.

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    It’s nice to know that compounded pet medications can still be taken orally. I’ve recently learned how to make my dog take pills so I am more comfortable about buying medicine for him if needed. I will just need to find the right pharmacy to go for when the time comes.

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