Where we ship.

Vios offers timely, convenient shipping to our patients across the country.

Customized programs.

We look out for our patients’ needs with our no-cost, patient contact programs. Designed to make life easier with hassle-free refills, you can decide which program fits your lifestyle.

Complete Care


Complete Care takes the worry out of running out of your medications or remembering to contact us for refills. We’ll track your medications and check in with you periodically to make sure your medications are helping you meet your wellness goals. We can also coordinate care directly with your physician. We’ll manage your refill requests so you receive your orders every 30, 60 or 90 days — whichever you prefer.

Flex Care


With Flex Care, it’s your choice how often we connect with you. Just tell us if you’d like to be in touch via call, text or email. We’ll contact you 5-10 days before your refill is due so there is time to make any changes as needed and coordinate your treatment with your physician. It’s a great way to get timely reminders to stay on top of your care.

My Care


My Care lets you manage your treatments independently. Simply tell us what you need, whenever you need it. You will keep track of your own refill timing and coordinate care with your physician. We’ll await your call and be at your service whenever you are ready.

Sterile compounding coming soon.

We are proud to be expanding our compounding services to include sterile compounding. Many times, a patient will require a customized dosage and a sterile method of administering that medication, typically via sterile injections and IV infusions, and we are looking forward to providing these services in the near future.