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Bioidentical therapy

What is BioTE? Why Choose BioTE for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

What is BioTE?

BioTE is a hormone replacement therapy by which pellets and tiny cylindrical-shaped supplements are inserted under your skin. These pellets release precise doses of hormones over time, so your body gets a constant stream of hormones for optimal function. The time-release element of BioTE pellets means hormones are delivered and allocated like the way your body distributes the hormones it produces naturally.

Why Choose BioTE for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

1. Symptoms Associated with Hormonal Imbalances:

Common signs and symptoms of estrogen and testosterone imbalance consist of loss of libido, moodiness, irritability, issues with memory and concentration, depression, hair thinning, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, and fatigue. Estrogen decline is also related to night sweats, hot flashes, facial hair growth, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, and an increased danger of urinary incontinence. Low levels of testosterone also can cause erectile dysfunction, consisting of problems getting and keeping an erection.

2. Natural Therapy:

BioTE makes use of bioidentical hormones, which are similar to natural hormones produced in the body. And unlike other hormone replacement products that consist of patches, creams, gels, and pills, BioTE pellets don’t use any artificial or synthetic fillers, and they dissolve completely over time.

3. Forget About Messy Gels or Creams:

BioTE HRT system makes use of pellets that are placed just under your skin. Hormones are released and delivered automatically, without any intervention on your part. All you want to do is remember to have the pellets replaced every few months.

4. Minimize your Risk of Side Effects.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a boon to a lot of people suffering from all kinds of symptoms related to a decrease in hormones, but there are some risks, depending on the sort of therapy you select. BioTE minimizes side effects in 2 ways, firstly because it uses bioidentical hormones, and secondly, it releases hormones slowly over time, just the way your body releases natural hormones. Bioidentical hormone therapy for women using compounding medication is very popular among women of all ages.

5. Other Hormone Replacement Products.

There is a possibility that you have tried HRT in the past, and it just hasn’t worked. Or maybe you wound up experiencing side effects due to your therapy. Because of the way BioTE works, many people who have had unpleasant experiences with HRT in the past find they get the outcomes they want with BioTE pellets.

If you are managing signs related to hormonal decline, BioTE hormone therapy could be an extremely good choice for helping you feel better. To learn extra about BioTE therapy at Vios compounding, book an appointment online today.

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