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Weight Loss Made Easy Through Compound Medication

Weight loss was one of the most searched keywords on the internet in 2020. In fact, every year the term “Weight loss” spikes in the first few months of the year like a clockwork indicating how people make “Weight loss” their priority, new year resolution.

But weight loss is difficult, often painful. Collective wisdom dictates that balanced diet and exercise are the most effective ways for losing weight. However, for some people, eating right and working out are not enough. For both men and women, weight loss frequently can be linked to a hormonal imbalance.

Generally, prescription medications are one-size-fits-all and do not account for your body’s unique hormonal balance. In some instances, prescription meds might cause unwanted side effects, including weight gain.

Compounding can help counter these underlying health issues and side effects to get you back to full fitness. Pharmacy compounding personalizes the dosage of your prescription medication to suit your body’s needs.

How compounding helps with weight loss

There are multiple ways hormone therapy delivered through pharmacy compounding can help with your weight loss goals.

Maintaining healthy thyroid levels

Low levels of thyroid hormone in your body can cause slow metabolism and weight gain. Besides, the other symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue, fluid retention, constipation, sore muscles and depression, can leave you feeling too tired to work off the weight. Which then becomes a vicious cycle of weight gain.

Customized weight loss compounding medication supplies the body with natural thyroid hormones it needs for increasing energy levels and metabolism. These are a way better alternative to synthetic thyroid hormones, which often lead to obesity.

Countering adrenal hormone dysfunctions

Adrenal issues can occur once you cross over into the forties. Disorders such as Adrenal Fatigue can cause allergies, autoimmune diseases and obesity. It happens when your adrenal glands, responsible for turning carbohydrates and fats into energy, become malfunctioning. Like thyroid disorders, fatigue caused by adrenal dysfunctions also dissuades you from working out and losing excess fat.

Compounding helps restore your adrenal glands over time by delivering a measured dosage of natural adrenal hormones. As a result, your body starts processing the carbs and fats again, and you feel energized and ready to hit the gym for some weight loss.

Healing impaired insulin glands

Insulin is the gland primarily associated with diabetes. In diabetes, your pancreas stops producing the required amount of insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Over eight per cent of the world’s adult population suffers from diabetes, with ninety per cent suffering from Type 2 disease, which is caused by lifestyle factors. A slower metabolic response due to depleted insulin levels can result in quick weight gain.

Compounding your insulin therapy can restore your body’s insulin levels and restore your metabolism to a healthy pace. In turn, your body will start processing blood sugars as it’s supposed to and help you lose weight without lifting dumbbells or running miles.

Switch to pharmacy compounding for weight loss

Anyone who has tried losing weight knows how physically and mentally challenging it can become. But now, you can enhance your weight loss efforts with VIOS pharmacy compounding. We can formulate your medication without ingredients that trigger allergies or cause unpleasant side effects.

Our experts work closely with your doctor to create medication that fits your body’s hormonal needs. We provide a full line of compound medications customized according to your physician’s orders. We offer compound medicines in the form of capsules, troches, lozenges and lollipops to help improve your metabolism and curb appetite to help with your weight loss goals ultimately.

Contact us to know how Vios Compounding can help you in weigh loss.

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