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How to Reduce and Minimize the Appearance of Scars

There is no such thing as flawless skin. The society has been fed with mindless marketing and social media has conditioned us to believe in unrealistic beauty standards to look attractive.

What should really matter is how healthy you are from within. A healthy diet, a happy state of mind, and a well-balanced lifestyle can give you good skin.

But what about those scars you always wished would magically disappear? Is there a solution?

Absolutely. Read on.

What are Scars and how do they occur?

Scars can occur on our skin due to reasons such as an accident, surgery, disease, or any dermatological issues like pimple, acne, etc. So when the thick layer of the skin which is called as the dermis is injured or damaged, the body responds by creating new collagen fibers. This is a natural process of the body wherein naturally occurring protein forms in order to repair the damage in the form of a scar. It is important to understand that the newly formed scar tissue possesses a different quality and texture than its surrounding tissue.

Overall, a scar is a natural phase of the healing process after an injury. The appearance as well as the treatment of a scar depends on several factors such as the size, depth or location of the wound along with ethnicity, age, genes, sex, etc.

What are the Types of Scars?

  • Contracture Scars:  Such type of scars develops after a burnt skin. These can lead to tightening of the skin which can affect one’s mobility. Besides, these can also affect deeper to the nerves and muscles.
  • Acne Scars: For those who have suffered from acne, scars are most likely a part of their skin. Such type of acne scars can range from deep pits to ones that look wavelike or angular in terms of appearance.
  • Flat Scars: These can often appear to be red or pink in color. Such types of scars flatten out as they heal. Over a period of time, they might become either slightly light or darker than the neighboring skin.
  • Keloid Scars: These scars can grow beyond the original injury. Therefore, the tissue can enlarge and might even obstruct the movement.
  • Hypertrophic Scars:  These scars look raised in appearance but do not outgrow the injury. They are slightly similar to Keloid scars.
  • Stretch Marks: Such scars tend to occur when the skin undergoes tension for example near a joint or these can appear when the skin is stretched during pregnancy or growth spurts.

Compounding medication to treat scars

One of the most efficient ways to treat scars is through a personalized approach of compounded medications. Compounding pharmacists look at the specific needs of an individual and provide a medication that involves high quality ingredients, a dosage specific to the condition. Special care is taken so that the medication suits your body type as well as health conditions.

Why Should you Choose Dermatology Compounding over Retail Pharmacy?

A retail pharmacy provides medication with the aim of ‘one-size-fits-all’. These are medications that are manufactured for the masses and hence are generalized in nature. There are many patients for whom such medication might not be available to suit their unique needs.

When it comes to dermatology compounding which is an area under the umbrella of compounding pharmacy, the medication and treatment narrows down to a customized one. For example, if a certain individual requires skin treatment in a gel form which is not available at the regular pharmacy, it is a dermatology compounding medication that can provide a solution for such a requirement.

When it comes to general medicines, there can be certain side effects to it. For example, application of some medicines makes the skin dry and irritable, therefore, dermatology compounding pharmacists ensure that every side effect is cleared out and rather an enhanced version of the treatment for your scar is used which is not just easy to apply but would also keep your skin hydration in check.

What are the Benefits of Using Dermatology Compounding for Scars?

  • Customized Medication: Dermatology Compounding offers a variety of solutions as per the individual’s scar problems. If the patient is allergic to certain ingredients, the pharmacists will provide natural products that are free of irritants or artificial ingredients. These medications work on therapeutic as well as aesthetic aspects of the treatment.
  • Comfortable to Use: Dermatology Compounding pharmacists can compound medications that are free of what are available in generalized medicines. Therefore, your specific compounded medication can be made in a cosmetically appealing base such as paraben-free, non-comedogenic, oil-free, hypoallergenic, etc.
  • Safe to Use: Dermatology compounding medication is created in extremely hygienic labs where compounding pharmacists work on mixing ingredients that are of the finest quality to create treatments that are absolutely safe to use to suit your skin type.
  • Cost Effective: Such medications are well-tested to create treatments that are in line with an individual’s specific skin issue. Moreover, the medication is built with good efficacy and a balanced quantity that proves to be cost-effective for anyone opting for it.
  • Dosage Form: If an individual has issues with large amounts of dosage to be used for their scar problem, the dermatology compounded medications can redefine it into a single dosage form which also helps in administering the medication schedule better. These can also be customized to a form that you like such as lozenge or flavored troches.

Dermatology Compounding is one of the most advanced ways of monitoring your scar treatment. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is the right time to opt for it and see the results yourself.

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